Out and About: Attractions and Things to Do in Tumut

Tumut has a lot to offer to visitors. Visitors will have their hands full with a diversity of sites and scenes waiting for them. In this article, read about the exciting things to invest your time in during your stay in Tumut.

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is one of the most fun things to try in Tumut. Please don’t fret about how to go about it. You will find trainers ready and waiting for you. To spice up your interest, you may obtain a gift certificate for your bragging rights.

Clubbing and Gaming

In Tumut, your clubbing cravings will be well sorted. The town has some classic clubs where you can order choice beef as you down your smooth beer and wine. Interestingly, you may also try your beer brewing skills at the Tumut River Brewing Company. You can also engage in club sports such as snooker and online Playamo casino games and slots with your friends. You may also try your bowling skills.

Tumut River

The Tumut River is a key attraction but also has several fun activities that you can try out. You can take an evening walk along the river as you watch the sunset on the horizon. You can also ride a bike in the well-maintained paths. If you are a photo enthusiast, Tumut river banks are stunning, and you will be sure to leave with beautiful photos of yourself and the pristine nature. For fishing fanatics, the river has plenty of them to try your fishing skills. The fishing equipment is available to hire for a small fee.

Adelong Creek

For lovers of road trips, the journey to Adelong creek located on the outskirts of Tumut is worth taking. At Adelong creek, you will try your hand in a gold search in this former gold mine. The Adelong Waterfall is a breathtaking sight that will leave you in awe.